GreenPeak goes Green

A cleaner and greener world: energy efficienct applications

Energy consumption and battery operation are two of the most critical challenges for wireless sensor networking. Combining ultra-low power consumption and wireless communications allows for maintenance free control and monitoring in the Smart Home.


Wireless and Green


The innovative GreenPeak ultra low power control network enables the remote controls and home sensors to function on a single battery for a decade or more. This makes residential applications essentially maintenance free.


Also, by enabling wireless home applications to run for ten times as long or more on a single battery, GreenPeak is greatly slashing the amount of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and carbon footprint required for the creation and disposal of batteries.

Energy efficient applications

  • Automated meter reading
    = 10% energy savings because of awareness
  • Home & building automation
    = 30% energy savings for light, heat & airco
  • Energy harvesting wireless light switches
    = 100% reduction in battery use
  • Ultra low power RF remote controls
    = 90% reduction in battery consumption 
An RF light switch can operate without batteries.
Just flicking the switch generates enough energy to transmit a signal to a lamp.

Energy Harvesting Ready Interfaces

GreenPeak devices are ready to interface with energy harvested from the environment - such as light, motion or vibration - to provide power to the systems. GreenPeak nodes can accommodate a variety of energy harvesting devices, from the dripping energy of solar cells, to energy burst from piezo-electric torsion or electromagnetic fields.


ZigBee Green Power

GreenPeak also supports ZigBee Green Power, the ZigBee protocol for light switches that do not require any batteries whatsoever and can be stuck anywhere in the home. The energy that is required to “flip the switch” is captured and used for instantaneous data communication, turning lights on or off.