RF4CE Applications for Remote Controls, Set-Top Boxes and Home Gateways

ZigBee RF4CE promises to revolutionize the Smart Home

ZigBee RF4CE is an open standard for radio based remote controls for audio/video consumer electronics.


In comparison to IR (infra-red) based remote controls, RF (radio frequency) remote controls provide two-way high-speed communication and do not require line of sight as the signal transmits through cabinets, obstacles, walls and floors.

A ZigBee RF4CE remote control system (compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, operating in the 2.4GHz global frequency band) is faster, more reliable, includes richer, bi-directional communication and provides a greater range compared to traditional IR remote controls.

GreenPeak enables CE manufacturers to develop RF4CE remote controls that can run for over ten years on a single battery with a total BOM of under $2

RF4CE benefits for MSOs and CE

RF experience compared to IR

  • More robust data-communication link, fewer service calls
  • Simple worldwide RF-standard - lower cost; reduced number of different IR-code tables
  • STB or tuner-box in the closet eliminates the need for expensive identity design


RF4CE remote ControlTwo-Way Communication

  • Push-messaging and direct interaction with the end-user service provider messages or advertisements to appear on the remote control display screen
  • Enables updating software and IR key code table in the RC (via STB)

  • Additional opportunities

  • Certified ZigBee RF4CE standard solutions allow vendor interoperability
  • Offer new services like security and energy management
  • Possible freeing up of bandwidth
    RF4CE Remote controls

Responsible for distributing content through the home, the Home Control Box makes it possible for consumers to control all kind of applications in their homes over the internet, by using smart phone apps or tablets, from any location in the world

RF4CE benefits for the End User

RF experience compared to IR

  • Improved user experience: no aim and shoot
  • Improved esthetics: the STB can be hidden in the closet

  • Two-Way Communication

  • Improved user-experience: enables active status display on remote control
  • Enables easy “find-me” function for RC
  • Enables interactive program participation (voting, buying, gaming, etc.)

GreenPeak Differentiators

  • Superior performance & robustness with no WiFi and Bluetooth interference
  • Best in class range & reliability
  • No maintenance - no battery replacement - a single low cost 2032 battery can last for the life time of the product (up to 10yr)
  • Low cost BOM for total solution (<2$)
  • Find-Me and Push-Messaging apps without impact on battery life
  • Robust and small software with only 1-2 months implementation cycle
  • Embedded Certified ZigBee RF4CE stack and profiles