Building the Smart Home

RF Technology for the Smart Home... and a Smarter World

Finally becoming a reality, Smart Homes are founded on a symbiosis of applications that allow home owners to monitor and control a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, security, home monitoring and home care.

Smart Home Applications

  • Home monitoring
  • Access control
  • Lighting control
  • Fire detection - Leak detection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Temperature monitoring and HVAC control
  • Automated meter reading
  • Family care

The Smart Home will be implemented in 3 phases

Smart Home

Phase 1 - RF-based Remote Control for Set-Top Box and CE, including  internet connectivity

Phase 2 - Energy Management will latch on, other applications develop simultaneously

Phase 3 - Integrated environmental awareness, safe and secure: the Internet of Things


Today, many large operators, service providers and utilities have already launched residential applications that can be managed via the set-top box/gateway and from there over the web, allowing their subscribers to monitor their homes from anywhere in the world via smart phones.

In the near future, in the “Really Smart Home”, all of these applications will operate under the same open ZigBee communication standard, and the different sensor applications will be integrated, linking their intelligence to create the real Smart Home that no longer needs ongoing human intervention.

The Really Smart Home integrates all applications and the intelligence behind it. For example, the motion sensor used in the security system is integrated with the home’s light control and HVAC system to switch off the lights and the heating when nobody is in a room. The same motion sensor, when the home security system is on, can be used to send an alarm if someone breaks in and is moving throughout the house. That is Really Smart.

The GreenPeak radio chips are designed for the new smart and connected home – a network of appliances, sensors and entertainment devices – all linked to the set top box and from there to smart phones, remote controls, tablets and mobile devices.

The set-top box is increasingly becoming the internet gateway into the home, combining the distribution of entertainment content as well as management data from sense and control applications for the Smart Home.


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