GreenPeak Lifestyle Application for Seniors and their Families

Senior Lifestyle application for safe & independent Assisted Living

Feel safe and Independent

Complementary to Smart Home applications, GreenPeak offers a family of new, ground-breaking sensor and cloud based intelligent systems for Family Lifestyle integrated with Social Media.


The first release is a Senior Lifestyle System that empowers children and their elderly parents to privately and securely share lifestyle information, enabling the seniors to feel safe and live longer at home independently, while their children feel secure that their parents are well.


Smart Home


GreenPeak’s Family Lifestyle Systems are built around a set of wireless ZigBee sensor nodes located throughout the home and connected via an internet gateway to a cloud based self-learning algorithm with advanced behavior pattern recognition capabilities, that learns the normal day to day activities and behavior of people in their home. When irregular behavior or exception situations are identified, family or friends will be notified via a smart phone application that can be integrated with online messaging and social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and QQ. In this way, these Lifestyle Systems keep family members and loved ones informed, wherever they are, on how they are doing.


You are always informed about the live of your loved ones and they are always close, no matter where you are...







Family Lifestyle & Senior Lifestyle


With a growing number of elderly people wishing to continue living in their own home longer, the need for smart assisted living solutions is rapidly increasing.


The essential elements of the system are the ease of installation and the unobtrusiveness, providing privacy and security.

The system also provides general information and longer term behavioral trends. For instance, the system will identify and report when a person gradually starts to move slower or would eat less frequently.