GreenPeak's Green Heart - Social Responsibility Program


GreenPeak commits to social responsibility programs by actively participating in projects and donating local education or social interest initiatives.


Every year, GreenPeak considers several projects and charities that support a wide variety of causes such as children or disadvantaged people in various locations, sufferers of various diseases, at home and abroad.


The recent projects GreenPeak participated in are below:

GreenPeak commits to social responsibility with Green Heart projects


Synchronous internet education



Bednet provides an internet-based education solution for ill children who cannot attend school.

The application is synchronous, in direct link to the class room and allows interaction as if the ill student were in the class.


BedNet is the organisation that manges the the ASCITproject (Again at my School by Fostering Communication through Interactive Technologies) for long term sick children.





Ons Tehuis Brabant

Supporting people with a mental health disorder


OTB is helping people with a mental limitation and supports over 100 people in its day-care and long term stay facilities.


The organistation's mission is to provide suitable accommodation and meaningful activities, attuned to everybody's talents and limitations.


In the end, everybody wants to be part of a meaningful community, regardless of individual limitations.




This dog can do the laundry

Stichting De Hond Kan De Was Doen


Training for helpdogs for disabled people.


De Hond Kan De Was Doen (“the dog can do the laundry”) is a foundation that trains service dogs to assist people with a disability.



These dogs are more than cute buddies, they become is a real household assistant and help people with chores like opening doors, bringing the mail, pulling a wheelchair, fetching things and yes… doing the laundry.
The dog offers freedom and independence for people with physical disabilities and allows them to live at home independently.
See how it works in this video.

Good dog!


The Kilimanjaro Challenge


Helping war children with therapy and education to provide stability in war regions.



When a war sweeps through a child’s life, it can have devastating effects. Children and young people witness or even actively participate in violence, often against their will. During armed conflict many children live in refugee camps, experience the loss of relatives, and lack structure and daily activities.


WarChild facilitates for children and helps them to build resilience, protect themselves and their peers by providing skills, knowledge, education and opportunity.


Krista Stibbe climbs the Kilimanjaro

for WarChild to raise money to reach war-affected children in Uganda