News from GreenPeak's Press Room


Qorvo® Wi-Fi Innovator Cees Links Honored with Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award

Industry pioneer who led development of first wireless LANs is today creating smart home networking technology

8 Feb 2017  

Qorvo® and ubisys Team to Deliver First IoTivity Platform on a Multi-stack Chip

Enables seamless device-to-device connectivity and provides path to consolidation of IoT standards

4 Jan 2017  

Qorvo® Introduces Multi-protocol System on Chip for Smarter, More Secure Homes

New platform helps mitigate uncertainty surrounding future IoT standards

3 Jan 2017  

New Qorvo® E-Book Series Explains the Internet of Things (IoT)

Free “Internet of Things For Dummies®” discusses IoT technology, applications and security

5 Dec 2016  

Qorvo® Expands Capabilities of Voice-Activated, Smart Home Assistants

Consumers can now control even more interconnected home devices via voice

7 Nov 2016  

Qorvo smart home gateway platform earns industry’s first ZigBee 3.0 certification

ZigBee-certified solution accelerates adoption of standard-compliant smart home devices

7 Sep 2016  

Levarys chooses Qorvo’s ZigBee chips for smart home energy management

Low power Qorvo chips enhance connectivity, reliability of new Luna Smart Home System

DE: Levarys wählt ZigBee-ICs von Qorvo für intelligentes Energiemanagement im Haushalt

21 July 2016  

Qorvo® unveils new Software Development Kit to accelerate deployment of Smart Home gateways

New ZigBee 3.0 SDK eases compatibility with multiple communication protocols in today’s Smart Home

CH: QorvoTM推出新软件开发套件以加快智能家居网关开发

10 May 2016  

GreenPeak ready to target Korean market

Cees Links visited Korea to have a press conference to present GreenPeak’s Smart Home and Senior Lifestyle applications which can generate extra business for Korea’s major telco companies, and device and component manufacturers.

KOR: 그린피크 테크놀로지¸ 한국시장 공략 본격화

26 Apr 2016  

Qorvo to acquire IoT solution provider GreenPeak Technologies

Adds ultra-low power, short range wireless connected home and IoT offerings to its expanding RF portfolio

18 Apr 2016  

People Power works with GreenPeak to offer Smart Home solutions

GreenPeak’s ultra-low power silicon network is a key building block in developing engaging and modular solutions for service providers.


31 Mar 2016  

GreenPeak showcases ZigBee and Thread multi-channel radio chip at CES

New GP712 Smart Home radio chip combines ZigBee PRO, ZigBee RF4CE and Thread in a single, low-cost component.


DE: GreenPeak zeigt ZigBee- und Thread-Mehrkanal-Funkchip auf der CES 2016

FR: GreenPeak expose son composant radio fréquence multi canaux ZigBee et Thread au salon CES

CH: GreenPeak 在国际消费电子展上展示 ZigBee 和 Thread 多信道射频芯片

KOR: GreenPeak, CES서 ZigBee 및 Thread의 멀티채널 라디오 칩 선보여

5 Jan 2016  

Family@Home Solution transforms the Smart House into a Smart Home

The first application that combines the best of Family Lifestyle monitoring with Smart Home services that provides peace of mind for busy families.


DE: Family@Home-Lösung verwandelt das intelligente Haus in ein Smart Home

FR: La solution Family@Home transforme la maison connectée en une maison intelligente « Smart Home »

ES: La Solución Family@Home transforma la Casa Inteligente en el Hogar Inteligente

CH: GreenPeak Family@Home S解决方案将智能住宅转变为智能家居

KOR: GreenPeak의 Family@Home 솔루션 스마트한 집을 스마트한 가정으로 탈바꿈시키다

22 Dec 2015  

GreenPeak launches next generation wireless LED Lighting solution

GreenPeak’s low-cost lighting solution is future-proof for multiple communication protocols: ZigBee and various IEEE 802.15.4 protocols.


14 Dec 2015  

GreenPeak recognized for exceptional growth and success in Deloitte Fast 50 Technology Awards

After winning last year, GreenPeak earned 5th place in the category “fastest growing technology company” in The Netherlands and secured its spot in the top 10 for the 4th year in a row


12 Oct 2015  

GreenPeak launches its first Smart City application for assisted car parking in China

Partnership with Dusun Electron introduces low cost, intelligent car park application to reduce parking congestion and to increase revenues for car park operators

CH: GreenPeak推出其首项中国“智慧城市”应用——辅助停车


10 Sep 2015  

GreenPeak celebrates over 100 Million ZigBee chips delivered to the Smart Home market

World leading low power RF semiconductor company provides wireless connectivity for Smart Home and Internet of Things solutions


DE: GreenPeak liefert mehr als 100 Millionen ZigBee-ICs für den Smart-Home-Markt aus

FR: GreenPeak célèbre la livraison de plus de 100 Million de composants ZigBee pour le marché Smart Home

CH: GreenPeak Zigbee芯片面向智能家居市场销量突破一亿片!

KOR: GreenPeak, 1억개 이상의 ZigBee 칩을 스마트 홈 시장에 판매해 기념

1 Sep 2015

GreenPeak opens new office in Mumbai, India, to serve growing demand

The world leading Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) semiconductor company commits to Indian market to better support service providers and developers of Smart Home solutions

7 Aug 2015

GreenPeak’s new multi-channel chipset will simultaneously support ZigBee and Thread networks

The new GP712 for gateways and set-top boxes makes IoT solutions future-proof, at no additional cost


FR: La nouvelle puce à multicanaux de GreenPeak supportera à la fois ZigBee and Thread networks

DE: GreenPeaks neuer Mehrkanal-Chipsatz unterstützt sowohl ZigBee- als auch Thread-Netzwerke

ES: El nuevo chipset multicanal de GreenPeak soportará simultáneamente redes ZigBee y Thread

IT: Il nuovo chipset multicanale di GreenPeak che supporterà contemporaneamente reti ZigBee e Thread

KOR: GreenPeak의 새로운 멀티채널 칩셋으로 ZigBee와 Thread 네트워크 동시 지원할 계획

TR: GreenPeak’in yeni çok kanallı yonga seti ZigBee ile Thread ağlarını aynı anda destekleyecek

CH: GreenPeak推出最新“多信道芯片组”——同时支持ZigBee 和Thread网络

JP: グリーンピークの新開発マルチチャネルのチップセットはZigBeeとThreadネットワークを同時にサポートします


3 July 2015

GreenPeak sees partnerships as driver for Internet of Things’ Smart Home ecosystem and commercial deployment in China

Smart Home applications will unlock benefits of the Internet of Things




9 June 2015

GreenPeak says partnering with Taiwan companies will drive Smart Home market

Taiwan industry acceptance of affordable, low-power consumption ZigBee boosts its emergence as the leading open wireless standard for Smart Home applications


Wi-Fi之父Cees Links表明與台廠合作是推動智慧家庭市場的一大助力


2 June 2015
Remote Controls: essential accessory for Smart Home - ZigBee RF4CE: mature and low cost technology of choice

GreenPeak posts new white paper for ZigBee RF4CE: what is RF4CE, why Operators prefer it for remote controls, why it is so successful in the USA and why European Smart Home Developers should use it in their devices

DE: Fernsteuerungen: unentbehrliches Zubehör für das Smart Home ZigBee RF4CE

FR: La télécommande: l’accessoire essentiel pour les applications Smart Home

ES: Nota de prensa: Mandos a distancia, el accesorio esencial para la casa inteligente

IT: Telecomandi: l'accessorio indispensabile per la Smart Home

TR: Uzaktan Kumandalar: Akıllı Ev ZigBee RF4CE için zorunlu aksesuar: olgun ve düşük bütçeli teknoloji seçimi

SE: Fjärrkontroller: Självklara tillbehör i smarta hem

29 Apr 2015

GreenPeak statement on ZigBee and Thread announcement - what does it really mean

The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group recently announced that they are collaborating to aid development of connected home products

13 Apr 2015

GreenPeak signs partnership agreement with ZTE Health for Senior Lifestyle and Smart Home applications
Senior Lifestyle System allows Seniors to stay at home for 5 to 10 years longer, delivering huge savings for governments as well as families


30 Mar 2015

GreenPeak launches Smart PIR sensor for Smart Home applications

New development kit for low cost ZigBee motion detector for Home Monitoring and Senior Lifestyle Systems


23 Mar 2015
DSR and GreenPeak Technologies launch a complete, ready-to-go hardware/software framework solution for the Smart Home

Key components are hardware/software reference designs for sensor devices and gateways and an integrated cloud software solution for sensor reading and smart phone alerting


06 Jan 2015
GreenPeak Launches GP691, next generation ZigBee radio chip and GPM6000 Modules for Internet of Things and Smart Home networks
New ZigBee Chip will support wireless IoT networking standards as ZigBee 3.0 and Thread New radio chips and integrated modules allow design engineers to quickly and easily add Smart Home/IoT capabilities to their devices and solutions

05 Jan 2015


GreenPeak announces Smart Home – Senior Lifestyle System

Sensor/Cloud based Senior Lifestyle System monitors residents lifestyle and sends alerts via Social Media and smart phone if something goes amiss

Unobtrusive and safe – No cameras, no need to wear a device

29 Dec 2014
GreenPeak launches next generation Smart Home and Internet of Things technologies at CES - Sands Expo

First demonstration of Senior Lifestyle and Family Lifestyle Systems in the United States

10 Dec 2014

How to resolve the upcoming ZigBee - Bluetooth war

New GreenPeak White Paper “Bluetooth and ZigBee: a new Standards War?

Battling between Home Network Standards is a Big Obstacle for the Smart Home


12 Nov 2014
GreenPeak Wins Deloitte Fast50 Technology Award
Fast50 recognition confirms market leadership and stable, sustained growth
For the third year running, GreenPeak has achieved a top 10 ranking

03 Nov 2014

How Self-Learning Systems will make your house very smart

New white paper “After the smart phone: the Smart Home” is now available

Family Lifestyle Systems rely on a smart phone as a mobile dashboard


21 Oct 2014

GreenPeak opens new office in Hong Kong Science Park

The world leading Internet of Things and Smart Home technology system provider commits to the Chinese Smart Home market to support large service providers




25 Sep 2014
GreenPeak introduces powerful Remote Control technology for Entertainment, Smart Home and Internet of Everything applications
New smart Remote Controls provide voice control, management of numerous Smart Home systems and ZRC 2.0 support

11 Sep 2014

Sensara and GreenPeak join forces in the development of a new, ground-breaking Family Lifestyle System

Sensara today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with GreenPeak to provide integrated solutions of contactless, self-learning monitoring technology for the Senior Lifestyle System


03 Sep 2014

GreenPeak releases new, ground-breaking Family Lifestyle Systems

Sensor/Cloud based Lifestyle Systems to accelerate the growth of Smart Home networks
‘Senior Lifestyle’ first to roll-out in large volumes


GreenPeak发布其开创性的新型家庭生活方式系统系列(Family Lifestyle System)—人在外,能顾家


02 Sep 2014
GreenPeak Technologies’ Smart Home chips support new networking protocols like Thread
Networking protocol agnostic radio chips provide a safe path into the future for Smart Home systems developers and end-users

22 Jul 2014

GreenPeak posts new “Small Data Versus Big Data” White Paper

After Big Data, it is now Small Data’s turn to change our world
Today’s Internet merging with the Internet of Things into the Internet of Everything




24 Jun 2014

USI selects GreenPeak ZigBee for high-growth Smart Home market

Production-ready ZigBee module includes GreenPeak radio chip for cost-efficient implementation and quick time to market




03 Jun 2014

GreenPeak further strengthens its presence in China
China is adopting ZigBee for the Smart Home - GreenPeak at China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition

GreenPeak 进一步加强其在中国的 发展

03 Mar 2014
GreenPeak doubles sales - Shipping close to 1 million ZigBee radio chips per week

Driven by the world’s MSOs, ZigBee is proving its dominance as the Internet of Things connectivity technology for the Smart Home
GreenPeak’s ZigBee Chips are the Beating Heart of the Connected Smart Home

06 Jan 2014
GreenPeak provides certified ZigBee PRO Home Automation v1.2 compliant platform

Bosch motion sensors for security systems with GreenPeak technology achieved HA 1.2 compliance and were successfully certified within the iControl OpenHome™ Partner Program

06 Jan 2014
Videocon d2h launches the first large volume ZigBee deployment in India with GreenPeak silicon

In presence of HRH Princess Astrid, during the Belgian Economic Mission in Mumbai, Videocon d2h and GreenPeak sign their contract

26 Nov 2013

GreenPeak Technologies Utrecht Team expands and moves to new office

New headquarters location to house new labs and growing team

14 Oct 2013

GreenPeak ranks third in Deloitte Fast50 Technology Awards

With 5340% growth, GreenPeak earned the third position as fastest growing technology company and secured its spot in the top 10 for the second year in a row

10 Oct 2013

Low Cost and Low Power: the new ZigBee PRO GP490 from GreenPeak

GreenPeak introduces new ZigBee PRO communication controller chip at IBC2013
Longest battery life, best performance and lowest price for Smart Home solution providers

12 Sep 2013

GreenPeak has found its home at IBC

GreenPeak showcases full Smart Home deployment based on ZigBee at IBC 2013

05 Sep 2013
ZigBee enables new markets for device developers

Expanding ZigBee networks in the home will open up multi-billion dollar markets for sentroller and device developers

28 Aug 2013
GreenPeak to accelerate its business in Korea - Media roundtable in Seoul on 15 July 2013

15 Jul 2013
GreenPeak opens China office to meet customer demand and better support the Chinese market

09 Jul 2013
GreenPeak to speak at Internet of Things Conference
Cees Links shares expertise regarding Smart Home offering by Operators and the adoption of technologies like ZigBee to drive the IoT

19 Jun 2013
GreenPeak Enables Low Power and Low Cost ZigBee Smart Home Applications
ZigBee PRO sensor nodes around $5 will accelerate Smart Home offerings by Operators and customer acceptance

03 Jun 2013
GreenPeak releases new Internet of Things white paper
‘Sentrollers’ taking over ‘People’ as the majority population on the Internet

05 May 2013

GreenPeak announces The Year of ZigBee
ZigBee Technology is Backbone of the new Smart, Connected Home

25 Apr 2013
GreenPeak launches the new GP501 ZigBee radio chip
A new generation of ZigBee transceivers with Wi-Fi coexistence schemes, Deep Packet Inspection and Wake-on-LAN features

26 Mar 2013
GreenPeak expands global presence with new European office in France
Patrick Hochez will head up the office in Paris

01 Feb 2013
GreenPeak announces the GP690 ZigBee PRO solution and the Open Smart Home Framework
The GreenPeak Open Smart Home framework is the integrated networking architecture for ZigBee based Smart Home applications

07 Jan 2013
GreenPeak launches GP410 – ZigBee PRO Green Power chip
New Green Power device allows low cost, extreme low power single chip implementation of battery-free or ultra-long battery life end devices in the Smart Home

21 Dec 2012
GreenPeak enables Green Power
New ZigBee PRO feature now supports battery-free devices.
GreenPeak Green Power product achieves Golden Unit status for the new ZigBee PRO Green Power feature.

19 Dec, 2012
GreenPeak Golden Unit for ZigBee Input Device
GreenPeak’s ZigBee Input Device platform achieves Golden Unit Status and leads the industry as the standard of excellence.

14 Nov 2012

GreenPeak launches the GP710: the first dual-protocol ZigBee chip
The dual ZigBee network solution for Set-Top Box and Gateway combines ZigBee RF4CE and ZigBee IP/ZigBee PRO for Smart Home Solutions

05 Sep 2012

Bosch Security Systems and GreenPeak partner to deliver Smart Home solutions to operators
Bosch, division Security Systems, and GreenPeak join forces to serve operators with a complete end-to-end solution allowing them to complement their business offering with services like Home Security and Home Care.


04 Sep 2012

GreenPeak Technologies Belgium team moves to new office
Company expands as Smart Home sector rapidly grows


31 Aug 2012
GreenPeak to lead the Smart Home Evolution
Provides ZigBee connectivity for the entire home – set-top boxes, sensors and appliances.
The Cable Operator & Service Provider Fifth Play is gaining momentum.

09 Aug 2012
GreenPeak receives renewal of ISO 9001 quality certification
The certificate renewal reflects the company’s maturity and continued focus on customer satisfaction and delivering top-quality silicon for the Smart Home

30 Jul 2012
GP510: the first dedicated ZigBee RF4CE chip for set-top box and gateway
GreenPeak’s GP510 communication controller with integrated MAC and network layer for efficient in-house data communication management

05 Jul 2012

GreenPeak's CEO Cees Links selected to speak at the Internet of Things Event
ZigBee to connect billions of devices to the World Wide Web in the coming years


05 Jun 2012

GreenPeak: one of the fastest growing technology vendors in the ZigBee space
Recognized by key industry players and integrated in a wide range of products

31 May 2012
GreenPeak wins prestigious 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Europe award
Recognized as a leader in developing new wireless technologies for consumer electronics & residential applications and demonstrating rapid growth and adoption by major customers

26 Apr 2012

GreenPeak Chipset to power new ZigBee RF Remote Controls for Comcast’s Xfinity TV Service
Comcast has selected GreenPeak’s controller chips in conjunction with ZigBee RF4CE technology for use in television remote controls for its Xfinity TV service

09 Jan 2012

Solar Panel Monitoring and Control powered by GreenPeak chips
Advanced and affordable wireless monitoring of domestic and commercial solar panels provides information on electricity generation and individual panel management

05 Jan 2012
<GreenPeak working with ESA> GreenPeak CEO Cees Links selected to speak at BIT U-Home 2011 Conference in China
Provides insight and guidance to expertise to leading CE manufacturers, developers and distributors

17 Nov 2011

GreenPeak CEO Cees Links selected to speak at Connections Europe

Provides expertise regarding Service Providers and CE manufacturers uptake of new technologies like ZigBee RF4CE


2 Nov 2011  
<GreenPeak working with ESA> GreenPeak selected by the European Space Agency
GreenPeak’s award winning silicon for aerospace applications

04 Oct 2011
GreenPeak and ZigBee Remote Control slash sable & satellite TV customer churn
New powerful remote controls and set top box interactivity will help keep customers connected

06 Sept 2011
GreenPeak launches ZigBee RF4CE USB stick
RF4CE reference design for plug-and-play USB stick allows cost-efficient RF4CE implementation

27 Jul 2011

Cees Links named as Marketing Chair of ZigBee RF4CE
Bringing 25 years of wireless industry expertise and standards development experience to the ZigBee Alliance

19 Apr 2011
GreenPeak launches three new chips for the RF4CE market
GreenPeak makes it easy for CE manufacturers and MSOs to introduce low cost and robust RF4CE remote control solutions

03 Jan 2011
GreenPeak ISO 14001 certified for its Environmental Management System
GreenPeak’s Green Vision formalized under the ISO 14001 standard illustrating its commitment to minimizing environmental impact

16 Dec 2010
GreenPeak adds push-messaging and find-me apps for standard RF4CE remote controls without impacting battery life

07 Sept 2010

GreenPeak names Hans Rohrer as chairman of the Board
Semiconductor industry veteran to help bring the company to its next stage

07 Jun 2010
GreenPeak teams up with ProGate in Korea
Important strategic marketing decision to increase presence in Korean market

21 May 2010
GreenPeak helps to roll out the new green wireless network for home and office
No more changing batteries in remoet controls and wireless home dashboards

07 Apr 2010
GreenPeak headquarters moves to larger office as company expands

11 Feb 2010

GreenPeak obtains ZigBee RF4CE Certification - First ZigBee RF4CE certified solution to include both
ultra low power and affordable bill of material

19 Nov 2009
GreenPeak secures €13M (US$19M) in Series B funding - Robert Bosch Venture Capital joins existing investors to accelerate growth of GreenPeak

19 Oct 2009

Comit Systems and GreenPeak Technologies team up to provide customized low-cost ultra low power wireless mesh networks

22 Jul 2009
GreenPeak achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system

15 Jul 2009
GreenPeak supports ZigBee RF4CE RF remote controls under the umbrella of ZigBee RF4CE

12 Mar 2009
GreenPeak unveils new office in Korea
GreenPeak expands its presence in Korea and opens office to strengthen business activities [...]

03 Feb 2009
GreenPeak launches reference design for a new generation of radio based remote controls for TVs, DVDs and set-top boxes [...]

18 Dec 2008
GreenPeak selected as 2009 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer
The World Economic Forum today announced GreenPeak Technologies is being recognized as one of the Technology Pioneers for 2009. [...]

04 Dec 2008
Agriculture goes wide area wireless with GreenPeak’s ultra low power wireless infrastructure
Maintenance free solution for soil monitoring in remote vineyards and open field applications. [...]

03 Nov 2008

GreenPeak expands its advanced sales, support and integrator network in the USA
Demand for GreenPeak innovative extreme low power wireless networking technologies draves rapid expansion. [...]

30 Sept 2008
GreenPeak launches the Emerald GP500C communications controller
GreenPeak introduces the first ultra low power transceiver-centric communications controller chip for wireless sensor networks. [...]

10 Jun 2008
GreenPeak Technologies establishes new US office
Barry Blount will head the new office as Director of Business Development to better serve the US customers. [...]

09 May 2008

GreenPeak powers wireless greenhouse of the future
Kronos selects GreenPeak’s low-power mesh technology for mobile harvesting carts [...]

22 Apr 2008

GreenPeak Academy provides hard to find training for ultra low power wireless sensor networks
Initiative offers essential know-how for development of ultra low power sensor networks utilizing energy harvesting. [...]

31 Mar 2008

GreenPeak Technologies opens new Tokyo sales office
Mr. Yoshinori Furuno will head the new office as Director of Business Development for Japan [...]

16 Nov 2007
GreenPeak Technologies announces revolutionary battery-free wireless communication technology for sense and control applications
New Company to deliver wireless sensor solution requiring no cabling for communications and no batteries for power [...]

02 Oct 2007

Xanadu Wireless acquires Ubiwave and receives further investment

07 Jul 2007