GreenPeak to speak at Internet of Things Conference

Cees Links shares expertise regarding Smart Home offering by Operators and the adoption of technologies like ZigBee to drive the IoT


GreenPeak Press Release


19 June, 2013 – Utrecht, The Netherlands – GreenPeak Technologies, a leading low power RF-semiconductor company, today announced that Cees Links, CEO and Founder of GreenPeak Technologies, has been selected to speak at The Internet of Things event in Cambridge, UK on June 27.


The Internet of Things 2013 event (IoT13) connects companies building their business on the Internet of Things and focuses on the commercial prospects of IoT by sharing real life experiences of products and services that use connected devices IOT13 looks at where the investment is going, how the supply chain and ecosystem is developing, and which business models will emerge as winners.


Cees Links, Founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, will be participating as a speaker in the Smart Homes and consumer products session and explain how Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) are driving this new market segment, how these new services will generate new business opportunities, and how Smart Home services will bridge to the IoT in the near future.


“GreenPeak believes that Smart Home applications are the crucial enabler for the development of the Internet of Things.” says Cees Links of GreenPeak Technologies, a market leader for ZigBee silicon for wireless sensor communication. “ZigBee, the communication technology behind Smart Home applications, offers a low cost and low power complement to WiFi.”


Only sensor applications that operate under industry standards will enable devices from different vendors to interoperate, an essential feature for  Smart Home and IoT applications.

The Smart Home will accelerate the use of sensor applications beyond the home: in building automation, for utilities and the smart grid, and from there in industrial, logistical and agricultural applications. Cees says “The Internet of Things will quickly change our world in ways we cannot even imagine yet.”


Hermione Crease, Marketing Manager of The BLN, organizers of the IoT event, says: “Cees Links is a technology innovator who helped deliver WiFi to the world some 20 years ago and today is helping to drive the whole Smart Home market and IoT business. This gives him a unique point of view to discuss lessons learned from the Smart Home market and how they can be applied to other IoT applications.”


For more information, or to make an appointment during IoT13 (Cambridge UK – 27 June 2013) please contact Elly Schietse.

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About GreenPeak Technologies
GreenPeak Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company and one of the leaders in the ZigBee market segment with a rich offering of semiconductor products and software technologies for Smart Home data communications and the Internet of Things.
The GreenPeak founders have significantly contributed to the invention of WiFi and made it into a commercial success that is used by several billion people today. GreenPeak is recognized as a leader in developing new wireless technologies for consumer electronics and Smart Home applications, demonstrating rapid growth and adoption by major customers.
GreenPeak is privately funded. It is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, France, USA, Japan and Korea.

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