GreenPeak and ZigBee Remote Control Slash Cable & Satellite TV Customer Churn

New powerful remote controls and set top box interactivity will help keep customers connected


GreenPeak Press Release


06 September 2011


Amsterdam, Netherlands – GreenPeak Technologies, a leading fabless semiconductor company, today revealed that many of world's leading cable TV and satellite TV services are in the process of rolling out new interactive features and home entertainment capabilities, empowered by ZigBee Remote Control technology - the new technology that enables service providers to communicate with their home entertainment customers and makes using a set-top box much more enjoyable.


Why are service providers so excited about ZRC?

1. No maintenance/Green
Remote control batteries last almost forever (10 years or more). One of the most common reasons for cable TV and set top box service calls is remotes with battery issues. ZRC will greatly reduce the expense of service calls. In addition, service providers won't need to maintain or repair broken remote control battery compartment lids. With no need to change batteries, there is no need for a battery compartment or a lid!


2. Because customers no longer need to control their TV sets via point and shoot, they can use these remotes anywhere in the house. This is a big user advantage which may help to keep customers engaged.


3. A tiny display on remote plus radio interactivity can provide new applications to engage subscribers.
For example:
- Subscribers no longer have to stare at their TV screen to change channels, adjust volume, set the DVR etc., they can do it all via the view screen on the remote.
- Find My Remote
Press a button on the TV or set-top box and the lost remote starts beeping and flashing
- More revenue opportunities for content providers
Service providers and broadcasters will be able to interact with the TV viewer via the ZRC remote control. Subscribers can receive alerts and previews about upcoming shows and events, participate in online polls and contests and receive ads, coupons and special deals tied to the programming they are watching. ZRC also supports TV gaming. Parents at work can monitor what their kids are watching and send them messages, via the remote in their hand, to remind them to do their homework and chores.

RF4CE mentioned in the press release above refers to the ZigBee RF4CE industry standard.
ZigBee and ZigBee RF4CE are trademarks of the ZigBee Alliance.

About GreenPeak

GreenPeak Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company and is a leader in highly integrated IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee RF4CE silicon solutions for consumer electronics.
GreenPeak is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, Japan and Korea.
GreenPeak is backed by venture capitalists: Gimv (Belgium), DFJ Esprit (UK), Robert Bosch Venture Capital (Germany) and Allegro Investment Fund (Belgium).

GreenPeak at IBC2011
GreenPeak will be at IBC - Booth 1.F94 (Hall 1-F94).
Please contact Elly Schietse or Mark Shapiro (below) to schedule a meeting with Cees Links, GreenPeak’s CEO.

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