GreenPeak doubles sales - shipping close to 1 million ZigBee radio chips per week

Driven by the world’s MSOs, ZigBee is proving its dominance as the Internet of Things connectivity technology for the Smart Home
GreenPeak’s ZigBee Chips are the Beating Heart of the Connected Smart Home

GreenPeak Press Release


Las Vegas, USA – January 06 2014- GreenPeak Technologies, the rapidly growing Smart Home radio communications semiconductor company, confirms its market leadership selling about 1 million chips per week for a wide variety of sense and control applications into the Smart Home market worldwide.

The GreenPeak ZigBee communication chip is the key component of ubiquitous Smart Home applications where all devices are connected. GreenPeak’s advanced technology provides secure, full home coverage and extreme low energy consumption, even allowing light switches without batteries. GreenPeak’s technology is the backbone of the ZigBee sensor network, the “second wireless network for the home”, working well with WiFi. WiFi is the best solution for high data rate content distribution in the home – for communications, internet, movies, TV, etc. ZigBee, essentially low-power WiFi, is the best solution for connecting all the other devices in the home, from lights and light switches, to door locks, from remote controls to thermostats, etc.

The new generations of set-top boxes and gateways are now shipping with ZigBee, in many cases in addition to WiFi. By rolling out ZigBee in the home, operators offer a scalable solution from stand-alone sensors to cloud based services, based on an open industry standard and operating in a worldwide uniform license free frequency band. GreenPeak provides a total solution for the ZigBee Smart Home market and supports all the different ZigBee feature sets.

The McKinsey report on disruptive technologies states that connecting billions of ordinary devices to the Internet will add up to $6 trillion a year to the global economy by 2025 and the Smart Home is kick-starting the market.

"Cloud services, smart mobile technologies and wireless sensing and control solutions have filled in the missing pieces for the vision of the Internet of Things," says Mareca Hatler, ON World's research director. “By 2017, 1 billion RF-ICs will be shipped annually for WSN markets. Over the next five years, 802.15.4 and ZigBee will make up the largest market share.”

“GreenPeak is shipping now close to 1 million ZigBee chips per week.” says Cees Links, CEO. “This is a milestone in our history and confirms our market dominance in the Smart Home. In 2013, the largest MSOs in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America chose GreenPeak’s chips and are now rolling-out ZigBee applications. We have won the worldwide MSO market by our superior performance and dramatic cost reduction in endpoints, enabling the business case for new Smart Home services. Our solutions are uniquely positioned to allow simple, risk-free integration into larger systems and address the reliability, low power and range requirements of the Smart Home, and in the next stage, the Internet of Things.”

GreenPeak at CES 2014

For more information and to experience GreenPeak’s various new Smart Home applications, please visit the GreenPeak booth at International CES – Las Vegas – 07-10 January 2014 – LVCC, South Hall 1 - booth #20624 in the ZigBee Pavilion or make an appointment with our sales team.

About GreenPeak Technologies
GreenPeak Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company and the leader in the ZigBee market with a rich offering of semiconductor products and software technologies for Smart Home data communications and the Internet of Things.
The GreenPeak founders have significantly contributed to the invention of WiFi and made it into a commercial success, used by several billion people today. GreenPeak is recognized as a leader in developing new wireless technologies for consumer electronics and Smart Home applications, demonstrating rapid growth and adoption by major customers.
GreenPeak is privately funded. It is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, France, USA, China, Japan and Korea.




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