DSR and GreenPeak Technologies launch
a complete, ready-to-go hardware/software framework solution for the Smart Home


Key components are hardware/software reference designs for sensor devices and gateways and an integrated cloud software solution for sensor reading and smart phone alerting


Las Vegas, USA, CES2015 – January 06, 2015 – DSR Corporation, a US-based professional software development company, and GreenPeak Technologies, the industry leading ZigBee Smart Home semiconductor/system company, today announced a ground-breaking integrated end-to-end solution for a ZigBee based, Intelligent Smart Home System. This unique end-to-end solution for the Smart Home includes cloud software, data management, and smart phone alerting software combined with a complete line of sensors and gateways.  


This Intelligent Smart Home System is a framework that provides the opportunity for network operators as well as Smart Home sensor product and gateway manufacturers to quickly implement complete Smart Home solutions, using hardware reference designs and software modules that are compliant with worldwide industry standards. This new framework can be integrated with existing infrastructure reducing the time to market for complete Intelligent Smart Home System, including Home Monitoring, Energy Management or Lifestyle Management.


The different components of this framework are:

  1. Hardware reference designs and software for a large variety of ZigBee connected sensors;
  2. A gateway reference design with the required gateway software for aggregation of the sensor data into the cloud;
  3. A cloud management system with data storage and analytics systems (rules engine), and interfaces to subscriber management/billing systems and social media applications or smart phones;
  4. Smart phone application (for both Android and iOS) that serves as a powerful dashboard for home status, alerts, and events supported by sophisticated rules and notifications engine.

Anatoli Pechkov, Founder and CEO of DSR Corporation states: “This Intelligent Smart Home System is a powerful framework that provides a complete, end-to-end solution from data collecting sensors to alerts created on smart phone apps, and with everything in-between. The Smart Home is a true consumer end-user application that will change the way people will manage their homes as well as their world.”


DSR and GreenPeak offer ready-to-go development kits, including hardware and middleware designs that can be integrated into new products and existing solutions in a short period of time. Over-the-Air functionality allows on demand upgrading of sensor network firmware to enrich and expand the base feature set. Easy-to-follow wizards guide the user through the initial account setup and pairing of new devices, simplifying the user set-up and configuration, without requiring technical knowledge. A rules engine is implemented and can be controlled from the apps on the smart phone, to manage on-screen notifications, or to execute commands to other applications when certain conditions are met.


The Intelligent Smart Home System smart phone dashboard provides the latest status of the entire residence, delivering convenience and peace of mind and sending alerts when needed.


"The availability of embedded sensor and intelligent cloud based system technologies is great news for the Smart Home industry and for IoT developers", says Cees Links, Founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies. "These systems will enable solution developers and service providers to spend their time on functions and features rather than worrying about device connectivity and cloud technology challenges.”


DSR at CES2015
Come join us at the International CES 2015, January 6th - January 9th in Las Vegas, NV! DSR will be exhibiting in the ZigBee pavilion in booth 71023 - 7A in Sands Convention Center and will be showing a complete solution/framework, including the mobile applications and cloud service.
Stop by to see the Smart Home System live and learn more about development kits and ready-to-go designs to accelerate your product to market!