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The Internet Highway

What's the power of ZigBee 3.0?

What do Smart Home and IoT Device Developers need to know about ZigBee 3.0?


White paper on the new and improved ZigBee 3.0

As the IoT market accelerates and becomes more of a reality, the hype surrounding it becomes more intense and more confusing. It is time for a reality check to take inventory of where things really stand, and to make some assessment of where things are going. Some confusion has been cleared, some confusion has exacerbated – but let’s start with what has simplified.

The Internet Highway

Do we need collective education to comprehend the concept of the internet?

Compared to most of the world’s infrastructure, it is amazing how primitive and lawless the internet really is.


White paper on safety on the internet highway

Learning how to drive the internet highway on the path to the Smart Home means rules, regulations and laws.


When will ZigBee RF4CE land in Europe?

Remote Controls are the essential accessory for the Smart Home and ZigBee RF4CE is the mature and low cost technology of choice.


White paper on ZigBee RF4CE

What is RF4CE, why Operators prefer it for remote controls, why it is so successful in the USA and why European Smart Home Developers should use it in their devices


ZigBee and Thread move towards mesh network interoperability

The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group recently announced that they are collaborating to aid development of connected home products. This agreement opens doors for the ZigBee Cluster Library Application Protocol to run on Thread networks. This is a big step forward to making the Internet of Things and the Smart Home real.


GreenPeak statement on ZigBee and Thread announcement


Why is the so-called Smart World still so stupid?

The Smart Home will change everything. The Smart Home will revolutionize how the electronic and technology industries function in the future and how we live our lives will totally change.
The industry is alive with Smart Home buzz... Unfortunately a lot of it is just hype. It is just not real. Yet...


The Smart Home hype - white paper


The different IoT wireless communication standards explained

This white paper provides an overview of the most important contenders around the IoT Wireless Communication Standards, mapped on the ISO layering model


Wireless communication standards for the IoT - white paper


The impact of the Internet of Things on consumers

The IoT is creating a new world, a quantifiable and measurable world, where people and business can manage their assets in better informed ways, able to make timely and correct decisions of what they want or need to do. This new connected world will offer fundamental changes to society and to consumers in society.


The impact of the IoT on consumers - blog


Bluetooth and ZigBee: a new standards war brewing?

The recent announcement of Bluetooth Mesh is yet another attempt of Bluetooth to get into the networking space.

Will it be successful? Probably not, as the world will soon discover that WiFi, ZigBee and Bluetooth all have their strong areas, and that utilizing these strengths in a coordinated way can help the Internet of Things grow!

Bluetooth or ZigBee - white paper


How Self-Learning Systems will make your house very smart

This whatepaper discusses and explores the importance of teh smart phone to the rapid emergence of the Smart Home and covers the new Family Lifestyle applications


After the smart phone: the smart home - white paper


Sentrollers, and the World of Small Data

After Big Data, it is now Small Data’s turn to change our world

The IoT is one of the hottest buzzwords exciting the tech industry.
This white paper describes the broader perspective of the IoT in light of the terms Cloud and Big Data, coins the term Small Data, describes the opportunities and the challenges – and explains the role of GreenPeak.


Small Data - Big Data white paper


What is the Smart Home?

What do Consumers expect from the Smart Home? And how are we going to deliver it to them?

So why are our homes are still so primitive?

What is taking so long for our homes to become smart?


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Video explaining the Smart Home

Watch Cees Links, Greenpeak's CEO, explaining the Smart Home and its applications at IBC in Amsterdam


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Low power WiFi exists today: it is called ZigBee

The IEEE has established a new WiFi working group also called "Low-Power WiFi". What is this new standard activity going to deliver to the world, in particular since today we have already ZigBee?


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Who will win the battle of the wireless standards for the Smart Home?

The number of Smart Home devices connecting to the internet is steadily growing by several millions per month.
ZigBee has already been chosen as the preferred technology by a number of service providers, however, there are a handful of other wireless networking technologies that are attempting to also gain traction in the Smart Home networking market. Which are these technologies and will they create a “Battle for the Smart Home”?

Is there is really a battle...?


Read opinion blog on wireless standards


The Internet of Things & Sentrollers

The new buzzword floating around the world is the ‘Internet of Things’, almost positioning the current Internet as already something from the past. What exactly is the Internet of Things and how will it affect your business? And what are “sentrollers”? Let’s take a closer look and try to understand the drivers of this new development in communication and networking and what this means for the Internet as we know it today.


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GreenPeak's most recent corporate company presentation


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