Integration, Support and Training

From our chip to your product

As GreenPeak moves forward, we never lose sight of the fact that our success is fully dependent on the success of our customers’ applications and products. To support this, GreenPeak has a team of experienced engineers gathered in the Application Development Team, which is specialized in the creation of reference designs and focuses on PCB layout, software integration and BOM optimization. They guide the customer through a flawless integration project.

Reference designs

In order to better support our customers’ development projects, GreenPeak provides a set of reference designs which are based on GreenPeak’s communication controllers and developed around dedicated features for specific applications and allow a short time to market and which are designed to achieve a very low cost BOM.


We believe that good service and efficient technical support is the main reason for a great customer relation and customer retention. GreenPeak's Support Team helps customers during every stage of the product development lifecycle with strong technical problem resolution skills and many years of experience.


GreenPeak also offers several training courses to help customers to better understand the ins and outs of wireless sensor networks and the unique offering of GreenPeak's solutions. All training courses are tailored to the customer's needs and based on the knowledge and experience of their team.
GreenPeak Training