GreenPeak Products - Silicon for the Smart Home and the Internet of Things

GreenPeak Tray

GreenPeak offers the full range of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee silicon solutions that combine ultra-low power, affordable total bill of material and superior range & reliability for Smart Home and IoT applications.

The product portfolio features small size, ultra low-power communications chips, with integrated software, tools and reference designs for seamless integration into residential and consumer electronics applications.


GreenPeak Product Portfolio

  • Ultra low power wireless communication controller chips
  • Allow ultra low cost residential applications
  • Designed for maintenance-free smart home applications
  • Robust to interference from WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Highly configurable and fully integrated for extreme quick time to market
  • Innovative low power communication protocols
  • Standard compliance (ZigBee & IEEE 802.15.4)

This is the Year of ZigBee

GreenPeak, as well as the other ZigBee chip manufacturers, are shipping millions of chips every month to device developers worldwide.


Led by the cable/satellite TV and broadband service providers, the smart, connected home is no longer just a dream, but a tangible reality, offering incredible product and marketing opportunities for device developers.