GreenPeak IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee Silicon for the Smart Home

ZigBee has been recognized as the connected and smart home technology of choice, due to its worldwide standardization and acceptance via the cable TV and service provider industries.


Today, the cable companies have taken the first step of providing ZigBee networks in the majority of new set-top boxes which creates a thriving industry of ZigBee add-on devices for the home - making it easy for installers, system integrators, and home do-it-yourselfers to install a wide range of ZigBee devices onto the cable companies’ ZigBee backbone within the home.


GreenPeak’s Open Smart Home Framework provides a context in which all the sensor devices seamlessly connect to each other and to the internet via the low power ZigBee standard, complementary to WiFi for data sharing and content distribution.

The ZigBee revolution is driven by MSOs who expand their market with Smart Home services


GreenPeak Smart Home Portfolio

  • Rich offering of communication solutions for Smart Home applications

  • Sophisticated coexistence scheme that allows WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee chips to work side by side in the same device

  • Optimal choice for the Smart Home market

GreenPeak is leading the industry in adding smart functionality and superior performance to its Smart Home devices

Best in class ultra low power communications controller chips for ZigBee applications

Device Description Application Embedded Function Interfaces  
GP501 802.15.4 PHY + MAC Applications with external MCU MAC SPI
GP502  IEEE 802.15.4 PHY+ MAC transceiver  Generic ZigBee applications  MAC  SPI/UART 

802.15.4 PHY + MAC
incl ZigBee Green Power

Batteryless switch
Full function Switch
GP490 802.15.4 PHY + MAC
incl ZigBee
Low cost - coin cell battery operated Smart Home sensor devices Full function SPI/I2C/UART/GPIO
GP691 802.15.4 Phy+ MAC, ZigBee Pro HA 1.2, uP + 248K Flash + 16K RAM Smart Home Applications HA 1.2 stack + Embedded Application processor SPI/UART/I2C/GPIO
GP711 802.15.4 PHY + MAC, including multi ZigBee stack support  Combined Smart Home STB/gateway and/or ZigBee PRO HA nodes Multi stack support, PAN filter, deep packet inspection  SPI 
GP712 802.15.4 PHY + MAC with multi stack / multi channel support  ZigBee / Thread Smart Home and remote controls for set-top boxes and gateways Multi stack & multi channel, PAN filter, deep packet inspection  SPI/UART