GreenPeak's Open Smart Home Framework


The Open Smart Home Framework

is a total, integrated networking architecture for ZigBee based Smart Home applications, integrating all three ZigBee variants Green Power, RF4CE and PRO into a single overall architecture defining the “second wireless network for the home”.

Complementary to WiFi, the first wireless network for content distribution (internet, movies, TV, etc.), ZigBee implements wireless networking for sense and control devices (like remote controls, lights and light switches, thermostats, security devices, wellness and fitness devices, etc.).


The Open Smart Home Framework combines the three flavors of ZigBee networking into a single architecture and allows a single ZigBee radio device in the set-top box/gateway to master a complete sense and control home network at very low cost of implementation, featuring:

ZigBee PRO, for highly reliable sense and control networking, supporting applications like Home Automation and Light Link

ZigBee RF4CE, for very low cost, low power (long battery life) and low latency (immediate response) devices, like remote controls and other human interface devices

ZigBee Green Power, for maintenance-free devices (battery-less or battery life exceeding product life span)

By including the set-top box/gateway in the Open Smart Home Framework the home network is seamlessly connected both to the indoor WiFi network and to the broader internet, enabling transparent and secure access to the home control network from any place in the world.

Open Smart Home Framework

Open Smart Home Framework

Integrated networking architecture for ZigBee Smart Home applications


Open Smart Home Framework concept

  • Set-top box/gateway is center and Home Control Box

  • GP711 and GP712, multi stack communication controller chips are bridge between:

  • ZigBee RF4CE (low-latency, immediate response)
  • ZigBee PRO (mesh-networking)
  • ZigBee Green Power (no batteries/ultra-long battery life)