Superior Technology for the Smart Home

Key Technology Characteristics and Differentiators

GreenPeak’s offers unique key technology differentiators that make the GreenPeak RF silicon well suited for wireless
Smart Home and Internet of Things applications.

Technology Features

  • IEEE 802.15.4 compliant - 2.4 GHz worldwide band
  • Based on the ZigBee industry standard selected by all major operators and large utilities world wide
  • Supporting ZigBee PRO, ZigBee RF4CE, Green Power feature and ZigBee IP network applications
  • Multi stack chips allowing multiple networks in the home like ZigBee RF4CE and ZigBee PRO to run from a single chip
  • Ready to support new and emerging protocols such as the Thread protocol
  • Range +50m/+150 feet, ensuring full home coverage
  • Patented antenna diversity to avoid dead receiving spots: best in range and WiFi interference rejection
  • Multiple receiver architecture allowing robust in home communication
  • High level of integration enables system level cost savings resulting in the lowest possible total BOM
  • Hardware MAC for lowest cost and total non-flash solution
  • Ultra-low leakage current for life time running on coin cell batteries
  • Single chip ZigBee Green Power supporting energy harvesting

    In short, GreenPeak's silicon offers superior range and reliability for Smart Home and IoT applications

GreenPeak Differentiators

  • Superior range & WiFi/Bluetooth interference robustness
    The GreenPeak chips offer an additional 30dB (1000x) better interference robustness against WiFi, Bluetooth and other RF signals, which is the result of a superior radio design with antenna diversity technology. This patented technology uses two separate antennas to avoid the typical in-door wave cancellation, essential when more TVs and set-top boxes will be equipped with WiFi internet connections. This results in approximately twice the reliable range in a crowded wireless 2.4 GHz environment, enabling full home coverage.

  • Lifetime battery sensor nodes and remote controls can run on a single battery for over 10 years, the battery life exceeds the expected product life and become essentially maintenance free.

  • Energy harvesting for battery-free applications and self-powered devices - supporting both bursting and trickling energy harvesters and therefore well suited to utilize the energy harvested from flipping a light switch as well as solar powered sensors.

  • Network layer agonistic

    Ready to support new and emerging protocols such as the Thread protocol, allowing customers to upgrade their devices to support existing protocols for legacy devices as well as newer device protocols, without having to replace hardware.

  • Production ready reference designs are available to allow a quick time to market: they facilitate integration and allow a simple implementation of ZigBee technology in Smart Home products.

  • Optimized for ultra low cost residential applications.