GreenPeak Customers in a strong Eco-System for the Smart Home

GreenPeak is one of the leaders in the ZigBee market segment with a rich offering of communication controller semiconductor products and software technologies for Smart Home data communications.


GreenPeak focuses on the world market and distributes its products in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin-America. As cable companies and service providers are looking beyond their current entertainment content business and have an urgent need to expand their offering into Smart Home services, they deploy new residential services to increase revenue and reduce subscriber churn.


Today, cable companies and service providers offer more than remote control RF applications as ZigBee becomes the standard for smart homes and the set-top box/gateway becomes the Home Control Box, which effortlessly connects numerous home control devices in one integrated set of home control applications.


GreenPeak offers its wireless products and technology to leading OEMs and ODMs for integration with their applications and is collaborating with partners in the Digital Home eco system to provide innovative Smart Home solutions.

Shipping 1M chips per week to leading OEMs
GreenPeak powers the market with focus on the Smart Home
eco-system for operators and their suppliers

GreenPeak's Eco-System for the Digital Home