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GreenPeak's Environmental Management System & ISO14001:2004 Certification

As the name suggests, GreenPeak is an environmentally conscious and green company.


GreenPeak’s green vision is translated in the introduction of a formal EMS (Environmental Management System, based on ISO14001:2004), integrated in the QMS (Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001:2008).


GreenPeak's Environmental Policy

During the design and production process, we focus on conserving resources, preventing pollution, and reducing impact to the environment. 

Our EMS policy commits GreenPeak to be responsible for its use and management of energy and waste in all its activities.


Let’s face it, natural resources are over-exploited and becoming more scarce and costly, hence our green striving is reflected in our day-to-day behavior and comprehends the following objectives:

Objectives of the GreenPeak EMS Policy

  • Introduce green considerations in design and development
  • Reduce the consumption of paper, energy, water and fuel
  • Increase recycling and reduce waste
  • Encourage staff to use sustainable transport and travel
  • Purchase environmentally preferred products
  • Reduce the logistics carbon footprint
  • Help customers and suppliers to become more eco-friendly
  • Help customers to develop Smart Home and IoT applications for energy efficiency



During the design and production process, we focus on conserving resources, preventing pollution, hence reducing impact on the environment.

Lloyds Register Quality Assurance

To achieve ISO 14001:2004 certification, GreenPeak successfully passed a series of comprehensive audits by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, a leading global, independent certification body in this field. GreenPeak has obtained its first ISO 14001:2004 certification in December 2010 and certification renewal in 2013.




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Green GreenPeak 
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