Vision and Mission

GreenPeak's mission: Building a Smarter World

GreenPeak Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company enabling the third wave of wireless data communication through sense and control networks that are easy to install and require little effort to maintain.

The first two waves of wireless are cell phones and wireless networks.

The third wave starts in the Smart Home and is the precursor of the Internet of Things.


Most of the end-nodes on the internet today are people using PCs, laptops and smart phones. However this is rapidly changing as more devices in the home are connecting to the internet, building the Smart Home, and starting to shift the balance away from people towards connected things.


It is clear that the Smart Home will also accelerate the use of sentrollers beyond the home: in building automation, for the smart grid, and from there in logistical, industrial and agricultural applications.


Smart Home applications

The Internet of Things

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Open and Maintenance-Free

We are fully committed to open industry standards in wireless communication, as these are an essential in enabling the easy usage and proliferation of communication products.

We are very aware that our chips and software form an essential part of our customers’ products. Customers expect their products to function error free, straight out of the box and over its full lifetime. It is our mission to make sure that our customers can meet these requirements in a cost effective way.


Just like WiFi was a real milestone starting the use of internet at home, the Internet of Things with ZigBee has started at home as well, enabling the next wave in the technology revolution.


ZigBee or WiFi

In many ways,
ZigBee is a low-power, low-data-rate version of WiFi


GreenPeak’s mission is to be a leader in the Smart Home revolution and to help building a greener world.

Copper has become a rare good and makes cabling expensive and the ever increasing usage of batteries holds an ecological threat. By eliminating both in GreenPeak’s low power solutions, GreenPeak helps to maintain an ecological balance, live within the resource limits of our planet and move to a more energy efficient economy.


Green applications

Green foundations for maintenance-free Smart Home solutions

Our Values

Making our customers delighted with our contributions to their success is our success. Treating our suppliers as our partners in this success is essential. Mutual respect for each other, listening to each other’s contribution and treating each other candidly and fairly is the way we work. We depend on accountability and trust. Our goal is to generate value for our shareholders through building a growing company with a sustainable future. We work with all of our stakeholders to do business ethically, protect the environment and add value to the societies in which we operate.

We do business ethically, protect the environment and add value to the societies in which we operate